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Frederick, MD 21703

9:00 - 3:45 M-Th

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7215 Corporate Court

Frederick, MD 21703

09:00 - 3:45 M-Th

9:00 - 2:45 F

Health Room

Your Health Room Staff

Your health room is staffed by Frederick County Health Department employees, including a Registered Nurse (RN) and a health room Technician (HRT). The RN is assigned to more than one school, so your child will most likely be seen by the HRT who is assigned to the school. They work in cooperation with the FCPS Health Services Specialist.  

Our goal is to keep students in school. We return students to class following evaluation, if possible. 

Hours and Contact Number

The health room hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and the phone number is 240-566-0612. Please call us with any questions or concerns you may have.

When Your Child Should Stay Home

Your child should stay home from school if he/she has one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Temperature of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Rash or skin infection not diagnosed by a health care provider
  • Symptoms of COVID-19 (contact your health care provider or the school health room with questions).

Please keep your child home from school for 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting, fever, and/or diarrhea. If these symptoms persist for more than 24 hours, you should contact your child’s health care provider.

Please contact the health room for questions about current guidelines regarding COVID-19.

Illness and Injuries at School

The health room staff will evaluate all injuries and symptoms of illnesses. First aid will be provided as necessary and parents/guardians will be notified as appropriate. Documentation of the health room visit will be sent home with the student.

Please keep your child home from school for 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting, fever, and/or diarrhea. If these symptoms persist for more than 24 hours, you should contact your child’s health care provider.

Medication in School

In some cases, medication is needed at school. For any medication to be administered at school—prescription or non-prescription (over-the-counter), you must submit a Medication Authorization Form that was completed and signed by you and your child’s health care provider. These forms are available from the health room Staff and the FCPS website. This form must be given directly to the health room staff by the parent/guardian.

Requirements for Medication in School

According to FCPS Regulation 400-23:

  • The medication must be in the original container and/or properly labeled prescription bottle.
  • The medication label must match the physician’s order form and be current.
  • A parent or guardian must transport any medications to and from school; medications may not be carried by students. (Students may only carry an inhaler or epinephrine auto-injector that is preapproved by the student’s health care provider, the parent/guardian, and the RN.)
  • Students may not self-administer medications, whether prescription or over-the-counter.
  • Antibiotic administration is discouraged as physicians can accommodate proper dosing times around the school day.
  • The first full day’s dosage of ANY new medication must be given at home.
  • Parents/guardians will be notified at the end of the school year about handling any unused medications in the health room.
Tips for Health and Illness Prevention

Notify the health room staff when your child has an infectious disease such as a positive COVID-19 test, strep throat, pneumonia, flu, conjunctivitis (“pink eye”), rash, etc.

Make sure your child gets enough rest. Studies have found that most school-aged children require 8 to 12 hours of sleep per night.

If your child does not eat breakfast at school, please make sure he/she eats a healthy breakfast before they leave home. Food is very important for brain activity.

Make sure your child washes their hands at appropriate times (i.e., before meals, after restroom use, after playing, after sneezing/coughing into their hands, when visibly dirty, etc.) to reduce the spread of germs.

Required Forms and Information

Physical Examination Form. All students entering Maryland schools are required to have a physical examination completed by their HCP within 9 months before entering the public school system or within 6 months after entering the system. Your health care provider will have a copy of the form, as well.

Immunization Certification Form. You are required to provide documentation of your child’s immunizations before attending the first day of school. Your child will not be able to attend school until proof of all mandatory immunizations is made available.  Your health care provider will have a copy of the form, as well.

Health Information Cards. These cards are distributed at the beginning of each school year. Please complete, sign, date, and return them as soon as possible. This information is very important to the health room staff in the event your child becomes ill or is injured while at school. Notify the health room staff with any changes as they occur (i.e., phone numbers, emergency contact, and health concerns).  

Hearing and Vision Screenings

The following students will receive vision and hearing screenings as mandated by Maryland State Law:

  • All students new to the Maryland Public School System
  • Students in Pre-K or Kindergarten who were not previously screened
  • 1st graders
  • 8th graders.

Any parent who does not want their child tested must submit this request in writing to the health room. 

If your child wears glasses or contact lenses, please make sure he/she wears them to school on screening days.  If you have any questions, please contact the health room.

Additional Information and Forms

More information and forms can be found at the FCHD School Health Services website, the FCPS Health Services website, and the FCPS forms website. Still have questions? Give us a call at 240-578-0504.